I love intentionally
Stepping into the greatest adventure of my life. Like a river sometimes calm, sometimes fierce I will choose to keep on loving.

I'm not looking for boring. I love non-traditional. I want to inspire people through who I am and what I do, not what I have. Every day brings something special and I embrace it.

You’re beautiful
I believe in the beauty of people. Not the beauty you find in magazines. You’re just unapologetic yourself. Like a wild rose you’re beautiful because you’re you and you’re here with a purpose.

I'm Leathitia

"I want to shine so brightly it will light up the people around me"

Born and raised in Curacao
Moved to Holland to study
Fell in love and made a family

As long as I can remember I've been a huge fan of being outdoors, doing watersports going camping on a beach. I would give my mom allot of anxiety. Always seeking adventure, finding new ways to do things that (in her eyes) weren't safe. Today I can say I am still that person.
I've always had a passion for people. I love my friends and family and wanted to find a way to capture all the memories we made. So at 7 years old I started photographing them with those cheap disposable cameras and never stopped. 

I'm a big dreamer and hopelessly romantic. I like to do things a bit different then the norm and therefor am a big advocate for intimate weddings and elopements. Your wedding day should be all about you. I'd love to help you create a beautiful unforgettable wedding day that is FUN to plan, a bit ADVENTUROUS and TOTALLY YOU

A few of my favourite things:

- My husband Brecht en my sons Judah and Elijah
- Breakfast
- Sunrises
- The beach
- Cozy days by a campfire
- Coffee dates 
- Good coversations