I love intentionally
Stepping into the greatest adventure of my life. Like a river sometimes calm, sometimes fierce I will choose to keep on loving.

I'm not looking for boring. I love non-traditional. I want to inspire people through who I am and what I do, not what I have. Every day brings something special and I embrace it.

You’re beautiful
I believe in the beauty of people. Not the beauty you find in magazines. You’re just unapologetic yourself. Like a wild rose you’re beautiful because you’re you and you’re here with a purpose.

I'm Leathitia

"I want to shine so brightly it will light up the people around me"

Born and raised in Curacao
Moved to Holland to study
Fell in love and made a family

I've always had a passion for people. I love my friends and family and wanted to find a way to capture all the memories we made. So at 7 years old I started photographing them with those cheap disposable cameras and never stopped. 

I'm a big dreamer and hopelessly romantic. I love everything about love. Whether it's couples having an INTIMATE moment, families hugging each other, your wedding day or even helping people love Themselves more through capturing their beauty. 
my biggest goal is to help people see how loved they are so they can learn to love themselves. Because i truly believe that loving ourselves first will help us love each other more and make this world a better place.

A few of my favourite things:

- My husband Brecht en my son Judah
- Breakfast
- The beach
- Cozy days by a campfire
- Coffee dates