Eloping is something you might have heard of or not. Maybe you've seen it in the movies. two people run off to Las Vegas to get married in secret. But what if I told you that an elopement is so much more than that.
What if I you could still have a magnificent wedding experience that might even exceed the expectations you first had.

Elopement is all about celebrating the one thing that really matters. The two of you embarking in this new lifelong adventure.
Whether you choose to spend the day with just the two of you or a few of your friends and family. You're the writer of this story. You can throw all the traditions and obligations out of the window and write how you want to spend one of the most important days of your life together.

Wether it's a bucket list item you have like hiking a mountain together or you love drinking wine so you spend a day doing wine tastings. 
Your wedding day is a day you will remember for the rest of your life. You can choose the memories you want to make that day.

Are you getting a bit excited by the idea that you could still get married in 2020 without giving up an amazing experience you will never forget?
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Having an amazing wedding experience during a pandemic

Want to start the greatest adventure of your life by having a adventurous day


are Looking forward to getting married with less stress and a whole lot of fun?


Don't feel the need to keep tradition for the sake of pleasing others


love the idea of spending an entire day doing things you love with your partner


Elopement is for you if you

As a wedding photographer and also from my personal wedding experience, I've been seeing that weddings have become more and more about looking the part and pleasing the  guests instead of celebrating the couple getting married. I remember I felt super pressured to do things a certain way because it was expected of us.
But a wedding day is ultimately about you. That's why I love elopements so much. It's a very authentic way of celebrating you just the way you are in a way that you would love to celebrate it.

You could spend a day wandering the city and doing a food tasting at different restaurants in Amsterdam, or you could take a car to the Ardennen and rent an Airbnb and go for a hike. Inviting a few people for your vows at a beautiful scenic location on top of a mountain and having dinner after. 
If I'd do my wedding over again I'd love to go hike in Germany and say my vows with 25 of my closest family and friends by the Eibsee lake.

Having an intimate experience to celebrate exactly what a wedding is about. the love you two have for each other and the choice you made to start a lifelong journey together.

An elopement is not just about taking a few photos while you say your vows

It's about the entire day. Just like with a traditional wedding you would want to document the entire day because it's all special. It's all part of your wedding day. From getting up, to having breakfast, putting on make up, getting in your outfits, the first look, hiking to the top of the mountain and taking photos on the way, saying your vows and celebrating it however you want. Either the two of you start a campfire and enjoy a pizza by the beach or you go for dinner with 20 of your most intimate friends and family.

It's all part of who you are and how you choose to spend your day and so it's all worth capturing and remembering forever. How cool would this wedding story be to tell your kids and grandkids?

Loving the idea but not entirely sure how to apply this to your own wedding day?
I would really love to get to know you and help you define what your dream elopement could look like.
Feel free to contact me for a chat about your wedding day!